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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Madhyanagar to Dharampasha Road

Monday, June 9, 2014

Haor Festival, 2014 Madhyanagar Bazar

"Reed wetlands to the O-bill banaphule"

Slogan on the front of the 2728 Insurrection, BS 1421, 014 April 10-11, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the market is starting Maddhanagar 014 national wetlands festival. At the beginning of the ceremony will be kiln-nautical-procession tradition. Guests are welcome to the excellent facilities. Hijal phuula through folk-dance, water lily and lotus flowers will welcome the guests. Art fairs are agricultural machinery and the people. As krsiyantrapati the plow, the yoke, ladders, yati, head, conga, dheki, dairasaha all materials used for the traditional method of cultivation. The fair will be open, as well as folk instruments, flutes, cymbals, monochord, dugadugisaha all materials used in the downstream area of ​​music. There will be folk festival abdula Karim Shah, radharamana, Hason Raja, Shah durbina many songs with.

This program will leave the folk song:

"Karen, I'll go sorrow of heart rend"

"Hornet went kaiyo"

"If Siamese bamsire me out of the house"

"Who lives sakhire Listen kadambatale piping"

"Bande Maya lagaiche"

"What a beautiful day kataitama"

"Do not leave the car"



There is so much music

Run .............

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At a glance Madhyanagar Union Parishad

Madhyanagar Uinon Parishad:

Bambo Bridge
Bamboo bridge on Sumeswari River Chamordani to Madhyanagar Road 


Bearing witness sumeswari time to develop the river in the Sylhet district , upazila Dharmapasha , Madhyanagar police , large wetlands , rich in fish and rice , the Madhyanagar Union ekatiaitihyabahi region . The passage of time Madhyanagar union education , culture , religious ceremonies , including sport is still flaring its own identity 

1) Name - 4 Madhyanagar union.
Ii) area - 44.00 square kilometers.
3) Number -0 the village.
Madhyanagar Union Parishad
Madhyanagar Union Parishad

Boundary before, paikurati and camaradani Union, dharmapasha upajelapascime, Kalmakanda upajelauttare, camaradani Union, dharmapasha upajeladaksine, paikurayati Union, Dharmapasha district.


4) population - 18923 people (almost). (According to district statistics office)
(A) male -10061,
(B) In 8862,
5) -33856 family of four.
6) The number of villages - 33.
7) The total amount of 656725 acres of land.
(A) the holding of above 5 -89 bighas.
(B) the holding of above 5 bighas 2242.
8) the amount of 652162 acres of arable land,
9) the amount -944.63 acres of khas land.
10) 12 Jalmahal.

11) Hats:

(A) of 01.
(B) small 01.
1) -0 of the major rivers.
13) -05 of the wetlands.
14) -06 of the canal.
15) -10 of the playground.
16) the tube 293.
17) Auto raicha matches were -0.
18) -04 of the saw mill.
19) -05 of the official pool.
0) -04 T kheyaghata.
1) -03 in distress.
X) of 25 drugstore.
3) -0 of the bank.
4) main road - 01.
5) The main office - 01.
6) The literacy rate - 47%.

7) List of Educational Institute:

(A) Government Primary School - 1 T,
(B) non-governmental rejih Pvt School - 08.
        (C) high school and college - 01.
(D) high school - 02 seats.

8) Religious Institution:

(A) the madrassa - 02 T
(B) The mosque - Twenty-two
(C) Maktab - 0
(B) Temple - 51
(E) implies - 1 T
(F) Cemeteries - 18
(G) sbasana - 13

 9) playground - 05:

 30) -10 of the official institutions.
 31) Community Clinic - 02 seats.
 3) Social pratistana sequence.
(A) -04 sporting and cultural organizations.

(B) -07 organization of professionals

 33) over 21 NGOs and financial institutions.
 34) the number of beneficiaries.
(A) -154 V Gd rkadadhari number.
(B) the number of elderly beneficiaries -418.
(C) the number of beneficiaries -161 widow.
(D) the number of beneficiaries with disabilities 42.
(E) the number of beneficiaries -05 muktiyoddhya.
(F) the number of beneficiaries -0 time mother.
(G) the number of beneficiaries F -1100 bhijira.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr. Gulam Kadir

Sylhet region and educator Dr. Ghulam Qadir sileti flirt who's writing and literature expert. He was an inquisitive researcher roots. Dr. Ghulam Qadir has gabesanaya mananasila writing development. Dr. Ghulam Qadir taciturn sunamganj greater Sylhet district, Dharamapasa, retired police and 17 March 1933, the first born in the village camaradani madhyanagara. His father, the late maulabhi Umar Ali, mother's name marahuma bakaula Jahan Begum. Nettle days after birth, he lost his matake. The next time her aunt was reared here. With a gradual increase across the Sea became Dugartira said. Childhood, adolescence and youth as it is a literary academic and research that comes with age, a successful self - published. Do not end up at the end of the Anglo-dibagata date, according to the National Heart barenya education 6 February: 011 1 -15 minutes. The next day was Sunday, and the adjacent house in East Badda gorasthane pallabira janaya said the impasse. Mrtyukale he was 78 years old. The man was like a calm mood. The human heart, he wants to stay protita. His wife, a son and four daughters in the West, of course:

    Family Education Dr. Ghulam Qadir was the beginning of the first lesson maktabei. The village school. Madhyanagara bipi high school, high school Sunamganj, Sylhet MC College B. M University in 1957. Year in 1959. Language sileti mistress Dhaka University in 1983 on a doctoral degree.

    Career, Tangail bhuyapura college, Ibrahim Khan to attend college as a prophet Dr. Ghulam Qadir instructions to the highest degree. Next time, step by step in Vrindavan and Habiganj College, Mymensingh anandamohana college, Rajendra College, Faridpur, Mymensingh Dulla, Shahid Smriti College, Noakhali Government College, Netrokona mohanaganja college degree. He retired in 1990, received from the Government College. Later, he taught at a private university. He was a Professor of Asian University of Bangladesh mutyura until. US Bank, a relative of the gade.Published granthabali advice, to add to his long career:

     Dr. Ghulam his stories, essays and articles, readers and students with interesting Kadir Acer. This is the script of human talent: Mansi (translated) literature in 1959 ruparupa (sahityatatba), 1968, the date (the first album), 1987, 1999 sileti flirt language literature (research institute) Bengali literature by jibanarupa (Review) 1965, own The universe 001 (self jaibanika kathacitra), pancasurera sound (short stories), 1989, they defeated (article group), and 00 and 003, dharmapasa, madhyanagara madamanasinha the survey (historical Chronicle), a town of 010 neglected, news, history, social and sanskrati (Research), batayana (articles) will receive, O traveler amarana (Activity Feed), etc. granthagulo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A bridge is not for the thousands of people suffering from dharamapasha

Bamboo puladara upura let through - aite gear bukata daraphara kaira kamipya ude. I was telling puladara bairaiya janada paira below! But one day the market eidara laigya daraiya saptaya. Saying that a eidara upura birija aiba, it is on - oyalai know. 'Sad face and a chest with a sigh on the bridge walking shakily back Karim Abdul bhatapara the farmers are said satordhba.
Sunamganj dharamapasa selabarasa Union mahisakhala - badasaganja market road bridge over the river because its uttarabira gramasanlagna manai bhatapara, palapara, uttarabira and Rangpur is not about the thousands of people over many years navigating bridge to the extreme suffering pohate. Adults and students over the komalamati khude schools - in the.
Eventually the charges, before the election of leaders committed to building a bridge from them to the vote. After crossing the Styx and the leaders do not remember it. The daily life of hundreds of five risk students catai carpeting bamboo bridge over the schools - in the. Moves towards the bridge over the dry season, but bamboo carpeting catai barsaya in different images. I only rely on ferry naukai. After waiting for hours at a time and one-hour ferry crossing to the other may be. Wintry wind howling and the clouds of the sky when the ferry boat was not a lot of baile. It is impossible to get people in trouble. Students often have to go to time out waiting for a boat can not go to school. A bridge will be built here, eventually it will demand long.
Badasaganja kindara gartenera sisusiksarthi Policy, jidana, minu, drawing, tusarasaha Many fear they are falling from the bridge crossing one hand over another is sanghabaddhabhabe. But they are very afraid.
Purchase rokeya uttarabira village housewife (30), the pool accidents can happen to them, and against almost every day for my child to come to school. If you leave the house again with phiri. The domestic operations are interrupted. '
The success of the village residents palapara Pal (30), and the soil to make it through the sale of domestic goods calai. Near the pool is way too aite kanadhe understand them. 'CA looks at the problem, he said.
Public high school students and high school girl, Maria badasaganja khanama, Buy Soma Purchase and the money, not for swimming because of fear of naukadubira rainy day, most of them are not going to school. The damage is extensive education.
More freedom. Noor Hossain, the independence of the scene has changed several times in 40 years. Building a bridge to someone else in the area of ​​development, but largely favor. He was immediately concerned about the need for parents to claim a higher authority.
Selabarasa Union Council (iupi) Chairman Md. Alauddin Shah, the bridge does not create lokajanai only five villages, the kiln in the more severe the pain and suffering pohacche 8-10 people in the village. The need to create a bridge. I said, with several of the engineers. '
The engineer (acting) Md. Nurul Alam Chowdhury, a senior authority in order to build a bridge in the initial documentation for the work already been completed.
The executive officer (iuenao) more. The prathamaaloke Babul mina, and bridges do not have people suffering pohacche for, at the very very sad. I am concerned with the authority to take appropriate initiatives.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The leader and organizer of the liberation movement britisabirodhi:

Lalamohana Roy

Agniyugera half decades of revolutionary workers kamareda lalamohana Roy dharamapasa madhyanagara Sunamganj district police station on May 1, 191 villages itauri (matulalaye) was born. Pyarimohana father Roy. Hemalata's mother. Dhak, his original home districts.
He was eighth out of the politics involved here. Revolutionary groups and churikhelara lathikhela participation in training. 193 in July, the two revolutionary groups, the Revolutionary Association of the youth center and Welfare othechila. Habiganj district, large areas (ajamiriganja) youth center - the library's general secretary Ray lalamohana. Activities involved in the teaching profession early because britisabirodhi atmagopane go to the left. Updated News in the East - the area of ​​work graphatara. It was his dream to establish a sosanamukta social deconstruction and socialism.
Click the sanesbara baralekha district - one of the leaders of the andlenera daserabajara farmers. And the young age of farmers was organized in 1937-38 daserabajara area. Then krsakaneta karunasindhu Roy Chowdhury dinesa, salivary
He was the organizer of the historic rally in Shillong abhiyatra and revolutionary. When
70/80 mile hilly walk the path pamye 'Baby parliament were reserved for Shillong. The long life of the family was from. Later disguised as News bachita I work in the area. Eastern District of Assam during the Second War of asylum seekers coming to work for the shelter.
His job is to organize a major role in the liberation war in 1971. Lesbian refugee camps oyarenka housing, education, the Secretary of the Department of Health and greatly encourage the youth to muktiyuddhe. Service for the camp, he barachara yuddhahata muktiyuddhadera chotabhaiyera woman came with vernal bayake. In addition to sebakajera sibani, Kalyani, renuke Send this camp.
This leaves the race for the whole country as well as the country will remember. We have a lot of credit for this self-denying his life.
Respect to this action so we gaurababodha I purusake.
Anulikhana: Biman  Talukder

To get primary samapony result

Primary Education Board

Primary School Certificate Exam Result

Friday, December 17, 2010

Freedom fighter list of Madhyanagar thana

Freedom fighter list of Madhyanagar Thana

Name of Freedom Fighter Father's Name Village Name Union Name

1.Ali  Amzad

Late Javed Ali



2. Eunuch Mia

Md. Nachir Uddin

Madhyanagar Bazar


3.Md. Ab. Jabbar

Late Ramjan Ali



4.Md. Akbar Ali

Late Nawaz Ali



5.Shri Sudhir Chandra Sarkar

Late Natish Chandra Sarkar



6.Md. Ataur Rahman

Late Jaino Uddin



7.Md. Nurul Islam

Late Siddiq Ali



8.Md. Jaino Uddin

Late Akram Ali



9.Md. Suruj Ali

Late ponai Mahaldar



10.Md. Ali Usman

Late Eddrich Ali



11.Md. Ali

Late Ab: Aziz



12.Md. Nurul Haque

Late Hasan Ali Munsi



13.Md. Nurul Islam

Late Miraz Ali



14. Md. Ab. Rahim

Shah Nawaz



15.Md. Ab. Rauf

Late Makbul Hossain



16. Banu Vushan Das

Late Rakesh Chandra Das



17.Nurul Islam

Late Shahed Ali



18. AB. Awal

Late Hasmat Ali



19.Sachindra Sarkar(Gazi Ab. Haque Sarkar)

Late Haripad Sarkar



20.Md. Ab. Gani

Md. Ashrab Ali



21.Md. Shukkur Ali

Late Shakh Abbas Ali



22.Md. Ab. Haque

Late Shukur Ali Mia



23.Md. Ab. Barik

Late Dabir Uddin



24.Ab. Bari Khandakar

Ab. Razzak Khandakar



25.Md. Musharaf Hossain

Late Ab. Aziz



26.Md. Nurul Islam

Late Ab. Jalil Box



27.Shri Sattoranjan Sarkar

Late Binando Sarkar



28.Md. Mofiz Uddin

Late sahed Ali



29.Md. Makbul Hossain

Late Izaz Ali



30.Birbal Chandra Dash

Late Ramesh Chandra Das



31.Md. Tomiz Uddin

Late Chofor Uddin




























Monday, December 6, 2010

Jomidar bari of Sukhair Rajapur

This beatiful architect now going to be destroy

beautiful design of rajbari
Rajbari of sukhair rajapur

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